My name is Chemutai Winny Psiwa. I came to Wakisa when I was 16years. I was sent away by my father who wanted to kill me due to the pregnancy , he sent me out of home and I went to my Aunt who brought me to Wakisa. I learnt various skills from Wakisa Ministries such as paper beads, candle making, cookery and above all the staff, counsellors and volunteers taught me about God in bible study which challenged my heart. I accepted Christ as my saviour and when I gave birth to a baby girl, I named her Jabulani Vanessa Chelangat in 2009.


Wakisa Ministries through the sponsorship program sponsored me back to school for A-level at Mackay Memorial in Nateete where I had alot of opportunities; I served as the chairperson scripture union 2010- 2011 ,court clerk of the school among others. At the end of the advance level I had 20 points in senior six and was among the best students of the year,there after I joined Kyambogo university and I did a degree in microfinance which I finished at the beginning of 2015 and I am waiting for my graduation in January 2016. Currently I am doing voluntary work at Wakisa Ministries and I am so proud of Wakisa for how far they have brought me. Long live Wakisa long live Aunt Vivian You can change the future but you will never change the past.