Nakawooya Aisha is afifteen year old girl who came to Wakisa Ministries when she was 5 months pregnant. She was staying with her father while her mother was in Juba conducting business. Her father abused her sexually for quite a long time until she got pregnant. When he realised that she was pregnant, he locked her at home while Aisha’s siblings went to school.

Aisha wrote a letter to the Head teacher of her school asking for help in regards to her situation. It was the head teacher who intervened and brought her to Wakisa Ministries. During her stay at Wakisa Ministries, she was put on sponsorship program because she had a strong desire to go back to school and was hard working. This could be seen from her active participation in vocational skills classes.

After giving birth and putting the baby up for adoption, Aisha went back to school and is currently in senior one. She decided to change her name to Wakisa Annabel.