Nanyombi Dinacame to Wakisa Ministries at the age of 20; this was after being raped by her boss where she was working as a house maid. This is her story;

When Dina completed her senior six her parents could not raise school fees for her further studies, she decided to look for a job such that she could get money and go back to school. She then found a pastor‘s wife who tookher home to work as a house maid. The so called pastor first promised to give her school fees in disguise and later on raped her. She was stranded having nowhere to go; Dina decided to come to Wakisa Ministries from where she was given a home.

Dina’s time at Wakisa was a transformation to her life because she acquired vocational skills like tailoring, cookery, candle making from which she picked interest in candle making, after going through school and attaining a degree as an accountant, she later joined the Wakisa staff team where she taught the girl candle making and helped with the financial management.