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Pihinian conceived at the age of 16 which caused her caused her to drop out of School.

Phinian had dropped out of School in Primary Six because of lack of School Fees. At the time she lived with her part anal auntie who offered to take care of Phinian and her brother after the death of the Children’s parents. Phinian has three brothers of these one is physically handicapped. Two of Phinians brothers stayed with another relative in a distant district of their birth from where Phinian now lives.

She got sponsorship to join a tailoring course for three months. She was very good at the tailoring course and the sponsors where impressed. During this time she was raped and conceived. The supposed father of the child run away from the village.

She was then brought to Wakisa The ministry provided promotion of her dignity, self esteem while addressing her emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

At Wakisa Phinian’s exceptional skills at tailoring were recognized and the ministry decided to give a sewing machine as a start up resource for her to run a tailoring business.

After she gave birth, she returned to stay with her auntie who decided to marry her off for 500,000 ugx to another man ( not the father of the child). The man is twice as old as Phinian or even much older say 36years of age.He paid 500,000 ugx as dowry.

Distraught and disappointed Phinian had no choice but to accept living with this new man who promised to offer help to her and the baby which she greatly needed.