Helping teenage Mothers return to School

Wakisa Ministries encourages young mother who have been sheltered at the center to continue with their education. This is because when the girls go back to school, they are able to improve their education levels and future employment or self employment opportunities. Their parenting skills have also been proven to improve alongside their life skills and living standards. 

Keron Kabugo Foundation Visits Wakisa

It was a great day with the girls as visitors from Keron Kabugo foundation arrived.

From the words of the the founder Juliana Kanyomozi 

2016 Thanks Giving

We give God the glory for how far he has brought us. We thank God for our funders and friends for all their support. We give thanks for the girls, their babies and the good health he has given them all. 

We thank God for Aunt Vivian, the board, staff and volunteers.

We are grateful for all the visitors that have come to visit us and made us feel loved. 

We give thanks to God for all of you. 


God bless you all. 

We love you. 

Justice for Innocence Lost - A court case closed

We saw victory as a case concerning one of our girls at Wakisa (Aisha) who was defiled by her uncle and father at 14 years. The story has been highlighted in the Sunday Monitor of 8th May 2016 by Betty Ndagire.

Lost Innocence : After being defiled by her uncle, the 14-year-old girl thought she would get solace from her father but instead her situation became worse as he too regularly defile her until she conceived. She finally got justice when whe was taken to an NGO for help.

Wakisa Director Vivian Kityo named in Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government - MIW Magazine 2015

We are excited to let you know that our our Director Vivian Kityo was named among Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government in  MIW Magazine 2015 among other accomplished ladies doing wonderful things in Africa for the work that we are doing here at wakisa, Providing a safe place for teenagers who are facing crisis pregnancies.
This exercise was carried out by the CEO Global team


you can read the full feature here

Graduation at Wakisa Ministries

The new year 2016 has come with amazing news and we praise God for that. 


Winny Chemutai and Peace Katushabe Graduated from Kyambogo University with Bachelors in Micro Finance and Bachelor of Arts in Education respectively. We are so proud of them. 


Their journeys as young mothers have not been easy with dead years which came in the way of their educational dreams. They however with the help of our sponsorship program were able to go back to school and excelled and now hold 


10 years of Wakisa

Wakisa Ministries celebrated 10 years in existence. This is a wonderful mile stone and we thank God or it. We also thank our partners, friends and all those who have supported us and seen us come this far. To all who joined us in person and spirit we are truly grateful. We look forward to the new year as you continue to help us support the pregnant teenage mothers in 2016. 

May God bless you all. 

Wakisa ministries on Teenage Pregnancy in Uganda

Behind the high walls of a spacious house at Bakuli, a suburb about 5km west of Kampala city centre is Wakisa Ministries-- Uganda's only teenage pregnancy crisis centre.

The 27 girls we found here when we visited should normally be at school or at home with their families. Instead, each one of them is here with a little secret.

They are either nursing little babies or carrying them in their small tummies. Over the last 10 years, Wakisa Ministries has become a household name for taking in hundreds of distressed pregnant girls from around Uganda.

Girls have been excited about our Mushroom project

Part of our vocational skills program includes farming and we ventured into mushroom growing. Our mushrooms are doing great...and guess what? We had some for lunch today.