Submitted on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 05:47

Wakisa Ministries encourages young mother who have been sheltered at the center to continue with their education. This is because when the girls go back to school, they are able to improve their education levels and future employment or self employment opportunities. Their parenting skills have also been proven to improve alongside their life skills and living standards. 

In partnership with Hope Venture, an organisation that exists to bring help and hope to people around the world. Through trusted partnerships, Wakisa Ministries has been able to take back 8 mothers to Agromax. This is an agricultural school that seeks to educate farmers throughout Uganda on the benefits and use of these modern technologies. 

The partnership has brought hope to these young mothers who had given up on chances of ever gong back to school. The staff at Agromax have been very considerate as to tailor make courses that the marginalized young mothers can benefit from and later implement wen they go back to their communities. The young mothers are positive that they will have a stable future for their families and babies. 

How can you help? 

As you know teenage mothers can only go back to school with your help. If you would like to donate, sponsor or get more information about making the dream of going back to school for a teenage mother come true, do not hesitate to email us on 

Thank you for supporting teenage mothers and Wakisa Ministries