10 years of Wakisa

Wakisa Ministries celebrated 10 years in existence. This is a wonderful mile stone and we thank God or it. We also thank our partners, friends and all those who have supported us and seen us come this far. To all who joined us in person and spirit we are truly grateful. We look forward to the new year as you continue to help us support the pregnant teenage mothers in 2016. 

May God bless you all. 

Wakisa ministries on Teenage Pregnancy in Uganda

Behind the high walls of a spacious house at Bakuli, a suburb about 5km west of Kampala city centre is Wakisa Ministries-- Uganda's only teenage pregnancy crisis centre.

The 27 girls we found here when we visited should normally be at school or at home with their families. Instead, each one of them is here with a little secret.

They are either nursing little babies or carrying them in their small tummies. Over the last 10 years, Wakisa Ministries has become a household name for taking in hundreds of distressed pregnant girls from around Uganda.

Girls have been excited about our Mushroom project

Part of our vocational skills program includes farming and we ventured into mushroom growing. Our mushrooms are doing great...and guess what? We had some for lunch today.

July Babies & Girls

Shamila15 years was taken back home by her old grandma after she had a baby girl on the 13th ,she was raped by 5 boys as she went down the well and she will never know the father of the child. As she received on going counseling and praying for her she gained a forgiving spirit and healing took place.

The Charity Walk

This was a great event to raise awareness of the plight of young pregnant girls as well as raising of funds locally Mavuno church, Namirembe Cathdral,2 primary schools, Youth for Christ, MEMPROW girls , individual men and women joined us for a 3 kilometre walk. The invited media attended for their news coverage. We thank God for the advocacy ,items and the checks in local currency which we received.


Olivia volunteers are a blessing

Olivia Volunteers have been so helpful namely Jenny, Joanne, Laura and Veerle. Joane has put a face lift to the walls of the office corridor and the wall.There is a new Center manager is Ruth Gambu and she teamed up well with the rest of the staff to organize the Charity Walk. Veerle was God sent as she has stood in to do the secretarial work for me .Dinah had to leave this month.